SpeedBinder Recommends Zazzle Custom Binders For Small Orders

Most of our binder options have a 25 piece minimum quantity. For our customers who only need one or two custom binders, we recommend Zazzle. They specialize in small orders.

Please keep the following in mind when using Zazzle:

  • You are buying from Zazzle, not SpeedBinder, Inc. Accordingly, things we offer (free artwork setup, free shipping, etc) do not apply.
  • Zazzle sells a very simple, economy binder. The product you will receive is not up to the quality standards we have at SpeedBinder.
  • We are unable to provide customer service on Zazzle orders.

Zazzle starts with pre-manufactured, heat sealed vinyl binders. They then print your custom graphics using a large ink-jet type printer, similar to what you would find in a sign shop for printing banners. The result is a binder we would characterize as “just ok”. They don’t have near the quality feel as our custom binders, but for a single binder order, they are a reasonable option.

As your business grows and your needs increase, our amazing customer service team will be here to work with you on some really awesome custom binders!