From $5.25 per binder

2" AD$17.01$12.20$9.81$8.21$6.85
2.5" AD$17.41$12.58$10.20$8.59$7.16
3" AD$18.21$13.36$10.98$9.32$7.86
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Getting Started

Our silk screen printed vinyl binders are a great way to organize your life! No matter what your project is, a custom vinyl binder can help you get the organization you are looking for. Great quality and durability of the custom vinyl binders are sure to give you what you need.

The process of making our custom silk screen printed vinyl binders starts by cutting the vinyl from big rolls. Sheets that have been cut from the larger rolls are trimmed down into the pockets, covers, and liner sheets for the binders. Following this step, the vinyl is heat sealed together for our custom vinyl binders. First the pocket, then inside liner, then chipboard, and finally the cover sheet. The excess vinyl is then trimmed off.

Silk Screening

The next step is screen printing our silk screen printed vinyl binders. Priming the screen is the first step. We then take the film that has your logo on it, and tape it to the screen to burn the image into that screen by curing it with a UV light. The next step in our silk screen printed vinyl binder printing process is setting up the silk screen machine. The ink is then mixed, and poured into the silk screen machine. We then make sure the artwork is perfectly positioned on your custom vinyl binders, and after they are printed, they are cured in a UV light dryer.

After curing the ink in the dryer, the custom vinyl binders move onto the riveting department! We have many different ring sizes and styles. We have anywhere from ½” rings all the way up to a 4” ring capacity. After riveting, the custom vinyl binders get packaged up and ready to ship out all over the country!


The sample photos shown here represent a variety of different projects we've done. Some of them show optional features, such as additional silk screen print colors. If you need multiple colors of print, be sure to contact your Customer Service Representative. We will be delighted to put together a custom price quote for your project!