From $5.58 per binder

2" AD$18.03$11.62$9.55$8.10$7.77
2.5" AD$18.54$12.03$9.96$8.48$8.15
3" AD$20.32$13.53$11.40$9.88$9.56

We've sold hundreds of thousands of custom recycled binders to thousands of great companies over the last ten years. And we're proud of every one of them!

The Coolest Customers

When we started in the recycled binder business, we expected great things. What we didn't expect was just how cool our recycled binder customers would be!

The great privilege of being in the custom binder business is getting to work with interesting people doing interesting things all over the country. And some of the most creative people seem to gravitate to our EarthBinder recycled binders! We always love seeing the awesome designs they come up with, just as we enjoy creating cool custom designs for them!

Recycled Chipboard

The 100% recycled chipboard we use on our recycled binders will have natural variation in it's color. Sometimes, it is more brown/kraft in color, sometimes it is more grey. This is the natural result of the process used to make it, and also a function of the raw paper stock being fed into the recycling mill at any given moment.

Our "Office Size" custom binders come in ring sizes from 3/4" to 3". We use round rings for 3/4", 1" and 1.5" binders, and Angle-D rings for 2", 2.5", and 3" binders. We based our standard pricing on those specifications. If you would like something different (say, a 1" Angle-D ring), we can do that for you. Just call or chat for a custom quote. We're here to make this easy.

Silk Screen Printing

We print our recycled custom binders using silk screen process. This venerable technique is how we got started in custom binders, and transitioned perfectly to recycled binders when we introduced the EarthBinder product.

Most of the time, we recommend a single, dark, solid print color. It just looks better. The variable nature of the raw chipboard we use on EarthBinders makes lighter colors more difficult to see. We'll print what ever color you want, of course, but do be aware that lighter colors can tend to fade into the background.

For ReBinder Customers

If your organization used to purchase from ReBinder and you're looking for a new solution, the EarthBinder is the perfect choice! We have happy and delighted customers all across the country!

Our Service

No one can match our customer service when it comes to custom recycled binders.Think we're exaggerating? We encourage you to put us to the test! Call, email, or chat today with one of our friendly customer service reps and find out for yourself the SpeedBinder difference!


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