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2" AD$44.02$22.01$10.64$7.45$6.33
2.5" AD$57.10$28.55$13.78$10.61$9.43
3" AD$73.25$36.62$17.62$13.45$11.95

Our Silk Screen Poly Binders are Seriously Durable

When Durability Matters

When you have a project that requires durable binders that last, our silk screen printed poly binders are a great choice! We have been selling these poly binders for over 20 years customers who need a custom looseleaf binder that stands the test of time. Silk screen printed poly binders are especially popular with schools! If you know children, they aren't the most concerned with keeping their things nice or perfect. They are hard on their stuff and if these binders can last them for the school year, we know that they will be able to hold up for your projects too. Not only do schools order the silk screen poly binders, but many other professions do as well. We have lawn companies, industrial companies, and many others order these exceptionally durable silk screen poly binders to last them a long time!

We've Got You Covered

Silk screening isn't something many people think about in their day to day life, but here at SpeedBinder, we do silk screen printing every day! As a result of this, you can say we're kind of experts on it! With nearly unlimited options for colors, you can essentially screen print any color you want onto your silk screen poly binders. Poly binders don't start out as binders! We start with USA made raw polyethylene pellets, extrude them into sheets, die cut to size, and scored for the spine hinges. This process happens prior to silk screening. Once the die cut poly sheets are screen printed, they are riveted and ready for consumers! Our silk screen poly binders come in multiple thicknesses. Starting at 16 gauge, we then have 23 gauge, 35 gauge, 55 gauge, 75 gauge, all the way up to 110 gauge poly. We offer 23, 25, and 55 gauge poly binders on our website, but if you are looking for something heavier for your project, we would be happy to send you a custom quote!

Our Service

No one can match our customer service when it comes to custom turned edge binders.Think we're exaggerating? We encourage you to put us to the test! Call, email, or chat today with one of our friendly customer service reps and find out for yourself the SpeedBinder difference!
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