From $7.58 per binder

2" AD$25.10$20.02$14.83$12.17$9.91
2.5" AD$26.16$21.08$15.77$13.06$10.69
3" AD$29.73$24.66$18.95$16.08$13.31

Our Full Color Custom EarthBinders Are Eco-Friendly and Gorgeous!

When Color Matters

The custom full color EarthBinders make a great impression. Eco-friendly, and full color are sure to get your message across! 100% recycled chipboard is used for the base, and your fully custom artwork is printed and wrapped around the outside! As always artwork set up is free, and we work with you to get your design just the way you like it. We have fast 7 day turn around times for our stock options because we know how important getting you your product fast is! But not to worry, we do not sacrifice quality to get speed. So the next time you are looking for a great looking "green" product for your clients, look no further than SpeedBinder! We are here to help.


We like to keep things simple. Our custom full color EarthBinders are a perfect example of that. With never any "extras" you know your eco-friendly binder will be sure to attract the audience and clients you're looking for. 100% recycled chipboard and paper, our EarthBinder logo screen printed on the inside back cover to show the eco-friendly guarantee, and the ring metals. That's it! We know how important lowering our carbon footprint is because we only have one planet and want to keep it green! As a result of this, you have the perfect full color recycled binders that are sure to wow!

Production Process

We digitally print your artwork onto large sheets of recycled paper. The paper is then glued to our recycled chipboard and trimmed down. The EarthBinder logo is then printed into the back cover, and the hinges for the spine are scored. The ring metals are then installed on our riveting machine, and that's it! Your custom full color EarthBinders are ready to go. Our ring metals range from 1/2" all the way up to a 3". 1/2" up to a 1.5" capacity will use a round ring.  Anything above a 1.5" ring capacity uses an Angle D ring as to not put unnecessary stress on the spine with the increased paper count and weight.

Our Service

No one can match our customer service when it comes to custom full color EarthBinders. Think we're exaggerating? We encourage you to put us to the test! Call, email, or chat today with one of our friendly customer service reps and find out for yourself the SpeedBinder difference!

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