Custom recycled binders from SpeedBinder! For over ten years, SpeedBinder has been the leader in the custom recycled binder market. Our exclusive EarthBinder line is 100% recycled chipboard, 100% cool!

Sometimes called “recycled binders”, “cardboard binders” or “chipboard binders”, we just call them EarthBinders! We start with 100% recycled content chipboard. No bleaching. No heavy processing. Just pure, recycled goodness. That’s why you’ll see some natural variation in the background colors of our EarthBinders.

Next, we silk screen your custom graphics directly to the recycled chipboard, so nothing comes between your custom recycled binder and your branding! 

For our full color EarthBinders, we start with the same recycled chipboard, but print your graphics onto recycled paper, and then glue the paper to the chipboard. They are clean, simple, and gorgeous. That is how we deliver the impact of full color graphics, and get your the eco-friendly binder you want.

Whichever option you choose, silk screen or full color, you can be certain that you will get that “Wow!” factor from your clients. Seriously. These binders stand out. You’ll be your company’s next super-hero. We promise.

Our custom recycled binders are made in our USA plant, with USA sourced materials. The only exception is the ring metals, which are sourced globally. 

Office Size Silk Screen Custom Recycled Binder

We started the custom recycled binder revolution with our our office size, silk screen printed recycled EarthBinder, and have been going strong for over ten years! The ultimate eco-friendly binder, made in the USA, and brought to you with the best customer service anywhere! 

Office size custom recycled binders hold US standard, 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet, and include an extra measure of width to allow for the use of index tabs.

Office Size Full Color Custom Recycled Binder

We make our full color recycled binders for clients who need full color graphics and eco-friendly presentation materials. After we print your full color design onto recycled paper, we glue the paper to the recycled chipboard. You get the visual impact of color, while keeping the planet happy!


From $7.58 per binder

Half Size Silk Screen Custom Recycled Binder

We make our half size silk screen custom recycled binders to hold 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ sheets, but they still have all the “cool” factor of our full size EarthBinders!

Kraft Custom Index Tabs

The perfect complement to your recycled EarthBinder project, our recycled content Kraft index tabs give you the look you want, with the eco-friendly construction you demand!

From $0.85 per set

Just a few of our recent EarthBinder projects:

More About Our Recycled Binders, Chipboard Binders, Cardboard Binders

A Little History

When we first started making custom recycled binders, we didn’t have the equipment to make the “single piece of chipboard” style we have today. Instead, we started with three pieces of recycled chipboard, and then we wrapped the spine with recycled paper. The industry calls that a Library Wrap, which is a term that comes from traditional book binding, where book-binders would wrap a strip of cloth around the spine of a book to give it greater durability.

We’ve since increased our capability, and have fancy equipment that scores the binder “hinges” into a single piece of recycled chipboard. This allows us to deliver a cleaner, more durable binder that is even better for the environment.

Be Aware of Durability

Our custom recycled binders are “bare”: They do not have a coating or covering over the chipboard, and therefore they are not suitable for use in environments where they are likely to get wet or stained. If you intend to use your recycled binders in an environment where they are likely to encounter moisture or heavy handling, you should plan on replacing them on a shorter time frame than traditional looseleaf binders.

Made in USA

We make our our EarthBinder recycled custom binders in our USA plant, and the chipboard is made in the USA from 100% recycled material. All the decorating (either silk screen printing or full color printing) is done by us in our plant as well. We source the ring mechanisms globally.

Custom Configuration Available

We set the specifications for our custom recycled binders in our on-line ordering system according to our most popular customer configurations. If you want something different, or have special requirements, we can handle it. Please contact us for a custom quote. It would be our pleasure to help you with your project!