Design Basics

Sending Artwork

You can send your artwork to

Proofing Artwork

SpeedBinder will prepare an electronic proof for you at no charge. This proof will be sent to you in PDF format via email.

Please examine your proof carefully! SpeedBinder can not be responsible for missed errors on proofs!

Pre-production Prototypes

For a fee (normally around $75, although specific pricing may vary depending on the complexity of your project), SpeedBinder will produce a pre-production prototype of your imprinted binder design. The cost of the prototype will be credited back to you on the full order.

If you require exact color matching, you MUST purchase a pre-production prototype!

Color Matching

SpeedBinder will make every effort to ensure accurate color for your order. However some color variation is a natural and unavoidable part of the various manufacturing and printing processes we use. Additionally, due to changes in process and chemistry, at times re-orders will appear slightly different from previous orders. While we use our best care to prevent such situations, they are not always avoidable. SpeedBinder can not be held responsible for minor color variations.


Our pre-press work is done on a PC platform, and our preferred graphics program is Adobe Illustrator CC.

SpeedBinder also accepts files from the following software packages:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe InDesign CC

If you do not have any of these packages available, call the SpeedBinder art department at 888 338 0924. We can discuss what you have available, and determine a way of transmitting your artwork to us.


Many times, we find that customers have their company logo files available in lower resolution, “bitmap” files. Examples are “gif” or “jpg” files. Sometimes these logos work fine, but often they are designed for web use. As a result, they can appear very “grainy” when printed onto your binders.

Most companies have higher resolution logos available from their marketing departments. Check with your marketing department to see if they have logo artwork available in “EPS”, “PDF” or “Illustrator” format. If you purchased your logo from a professional designer, you will have files in one of these formats.

File Preparation

If sending Adobe Illustrator files, convert all text to outlines first and embed all image files.

If sending InDesign files, “package” the file and send that to us.

For files from other packages, convert text to paths, export an EPS file (if possible) and also include the file in the native format from your software. If you have the ability to produce a PDF file for proofing, send that as well.

Ink Colors

For silk-screen printed projects, SpeedBinder will custom blend the ink to your specifications. We use NorCote inks and the PANTONE system.

We are generally able to match the colors you are looking for, however some colors and color combinations can be difficult. Additional charges will occur if you require an absolute exact color match.

Large Coverage Areas

SpeedBinder’s pricing is based on typical ink coverage areas. Additional charges will occur if your artwork includes large solids or large coverage areas (in excess of 25% of the overall area).

Odds and Ends

Minimum Type Size : Depending on the particular font, type sizes smaller than 8 point tend to run together. Try to keep your fonts as large and bold as possible.

Minimum Line Weight: Line weights below 0.5 point may not be visible on the final output.

Rivets: Art must be kept 1/4″ away from the center of rivets. Standard rivet heads are 5/16″ in diameter.