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Creating Package Files In Adobe Illustrator

Banner Image - Package Wrapped in Kraft Paper and Twine

How to use the Adobe Illustrator Package function for sending your custom binder artwork to SpeedBinder. Actually, this will work any time you need to send someone an Illustrator file. But we do custom binders, so that’s what we’ll talk about here. Step 1: Select “File->Package” from the Illustrator menu Step 2: Specify your desired […]

Cropping Images In Adobe Illustrator

banner image - cropping images in adobe illustrator

A Quick Tip For Reducing Adobe Illustrator File Size Getting Started – We Will Lay Out Some Custom Binder Artwork In this article, we discuss using Adobe Illustrator to crop images. We will start by opening a SpeedBinder custom binder template file. In this case, a 1″ ring size, half sheet size full color vinyl […]

Artwork Setup Tips – Full Color Turned Edge Binders

Turned Edge Custom Binder Artwork Setup

Turned Edge Binder Construction Basics We find it helpful when designers have an understanding of how we make our custom binders. With that in mind, we offer the following description of the basic artwork setup steps for custom binders: We print the cover artwork on 90# C1S paper stock using large format equipment. Most standard […]