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What Are The Most Durable 3 Ring Binders?

Boxer punching a heavy bag - a metaphor for the durability of poly looseleaf binders

Customers frequently ask us what are the most durable 3 ring binders. At SpeedBinder, we sell custom binders in every style and size, so this is something we know a fair amount about. The direct answer to the question “What are the most durable 3 ring binders?” is simple: Poly. Our custom printed poly binders […]

How To Select The Right Presentation Binder

Banner Image for Custom Presentation Binder Page

You’ve worked hard to prepare that killer proposal or RFP Response for that important client. Now what? What can you do to ensure that your proposal gets put on the top of the stack, and gets the attention it deserves? The answer is to select the right presentation binder! Custom Or Standard Presentation Binders? The […]

Where Do I Get PerforMore Binders?

Page Banner With Confused Woman Looking At PerforMore binder rings

PerforMore is a brand name of US Ring Company. They are an importer and manufacturer of ring mechanisms for custom binders. You can tell if your binder was made using PerforMore rings by the name stamped on the base of the ring metals: We occasionally see people searching for “PerforMore Binders”. Usually, that means they […]

Exact Quantity VS Overage – What Does This Mean?

Overage vs Exact Quantity Pricing Image

In the custom binder business, you will see the terms “exact quantity” vs “overage”. What does that mean, and how does it work? The SpeedBinder On-Line Order System Is Based On Exact Quantity Pricing When you order a given quantity of binders (say, 100) from, you will receive at least 100 binders. No matter […]