Exact Quantity VS Overage – What Does This Mean?

Overage vs Exact Quantity Pricing Image

In the world of custom binders, you will frequently encounter the terms “exact quantity” vs “overage”. What does that mean, and how does it work? The SpeedBinder On-Line Order System Is Based On Exact Quantity Pricing When you order a given quantity of binders (say, 100) from SpeedBinder.com, you will receive at least 100 binders, […]

Artwork Setup Tips – Full Color Turned Edge Binders

Turned Edge Custom Binder Artwork Setup

Turned Edge Binder Construction Basics We find it helpful when designers have an understanding of how we make our custom binders. With that in mind, we offer the following description of the basic steps involved in constructing a turned edge custom binder: We print the cover artwork on 90# C1S paper stock using large format […]