How Long Will It Take To Get My Binders?

The answer will vary depending on the type of construction you select and the quantity you order.  Generally, small orders will ship in seven to 10 working days. Larger orders (10,000 units or more) can take 30 to 45 days. If you have an urgent deadline, let us know. We can almost always accommodate rush projects.

How Do I Know if I am Ordering the Correct Size of Binder?

We measure binders according to the inside diameter of the ring mechanism, so when we describe one as a “three inch binder”, we mean the rings will hold a three inch thick stack of paper. The spine of a three ring binder is always wider than the rings, generally by about 1/2″. So if you measure the spine and get 1.5″, that probably means you have what we would call a 1″ binder.

Ring Binder Diagram

How Many Sheets Does a Particular Ring Size Hold?

A simple technique is to mock up your binder contents and measure the height. Round up to the next half-inch to get your required binder capacity.

A useful “rule of thumb” is that you can fit a maximum of 100 sheets of standard copy paper per half inch of ring capacity. Be careful when using that rule! That is the MAXIMUM that a binder will hold.

Of course, actual sheet capacity will depend entirely on what type of paper you are using. Also factor in how many (if any) index tab pages you have.  Remember that the figures shown here are approximate maximum values based on standard copy paper.

When you are putting together a binder project, you will want the pages to turn comfortably. In order to achieve that, always leave a “margin of error” and use a slightly larger ring size. If in doubt, use a larger ring size. Better still, call us at 888 338 0924 and ask us to send a sample. That way you can verify your exact size requirements before ordering.

Approximate Maximum
Sheet Capacity

Ring Size Capacity
1/2″ 100
3/4″ 150
1″ 200
1.5″ 300
2″ 400
2.5″ 500
3″ 600

What Is The Standard Hole Spacing

US standard hole spacing is 4.25″ between centers for 11″ X 8 1/2″ paper, and 2.75″ for 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ paper.

Office Size Diagram
Half Size Diagram

What is Your Minimum Order?

Most of our products have a minimum order of 25 units.

Do You Offer Rush Service?

Yes we do. Give us a call at 888 338 0924 and we’ll see if there is any way to accommodate your deadline.

Can You Describe The Various Types of Binders You Make?

  • Turned Edge binders are made from a large, printed sheet of paper, laminated for protection, and glued directly to the chipboard. We also make turned edge binders from a variety of book cloth or other cover material options.
  • With Full Color Vinyl Binders, your artwork is printed on heavy paper, and then laminated under a layer of clear vinyl at the time the binder is manufactured.
  • Silk Screen Printed Vinyl Binders are made with two layers of flexible vinyl heat-sealed over chipboard.
  • Poly Binders are made with a single layer of semi-flexible polypropylene material.
  • EarthBinders are made from 100% recycled, bare chipboard. 
  • Executive Binders are made from premium vinyl, and generally have decorative stitching around the perimeter.