Marketing Retirement Planning To Younger Clients

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We’ve noticed a cool trend over the last 12 to 18 months. Lots of financial professionals are turning to eco-friendly, recycled materials for marketing retirement planning services to younger clients.

According to this article from, half of young consumers say they’re more likely to buy a product described as “sustainable.”:

Young consumers are using their wallets to support the causes they believe in, and half will pull them out for sustainable products. They’re almost as likely to respond positively to an “eco-friendly” label, with 46% of 13-36-year-olds saying they’re more likely to buy a product with that description. And despite having less overall brand loyalty than other generations, studies show that 45% of Millennials say they could be swayed to purchase products from eco-conscious companies…


It is our view that that idea doesn’t just apply to consumer products. We think it applies to services as well. Young clients have an emotional desire to “change the world”. They want to make the world a better place, and they seek to integrate that desire into their daily lives. They are also skeptical of institutions. A lot of them feel they have been “burned” by an institutional culture that doesn’t understand them.

The keyword to remember is “authentic”. Young clients want to do business with companies they perceive as authentic. Our job is to help financial professionals connect with those clients.

When Banks Market To Young People

Here’s a perfect example of this trend. Fifty years ago, when you thought of “banks”, you would get an image of a stuffy institution filled with stuffy people. They loaded up their buildings with marble columns and tall ceilings and acres of luxurious mahogany and generously stuffed burgundy leather sofas. Their intent was to convey safety and absolute financial security. No surprise there. Back then the memory of the Great Depression was still fresh in the public’s mind. Security was what they wanted.

Today, the biggest bank in Nebraska markets itself as “The Great Big, Small Bank“. Why would a bank with $24 billion in assets and 5,000 employees spread across seven states want to call itself “small”? Because they know that the young clients they are looking for value authenticity above all else, and the old ways of advertising their strength (the marble columns and the burgundy sofas) don’t resonate with those clients. Their grandparents looked at those displays of power and saw “security”. In contrast, today’s young person only see’s a turnoff.

Or consider CapitalOne and their decision to market themselves as a coffee shop. They openly say they are “reimagining banking” and dress their people in logo tee-shirts and jeans. We’ve come a long way from “Mr. Drysdale”!

“Mr Drysdale” character on left, screen capture from Capital One Bank ad on right.

It’s Still About Trust

Some things never change, and ultimately, this is all about building trust. But successful firms marketing retirement planning for younger clients today will understand that the old ways of establishing trust don’t work with this new, more cynical generation. Today’s young clients want to know that they are dealing with someone who is authentic, sincere, and shares their values. They expect a relationship with a peer, not a one-sided transaction from a position of authority.

Our job at SpeedBinder is to help you, the independent advisor, capture some of spirit and relate to those clients. We want to help you convey that authenticity these clients demand. And we think we have the answer, or at least part of the answer.

The Marketing Strategy

We believe this change in attitude presents a great opportunity for financial professionals looking to market retirement planning to younger clients. Use recycled presentation materials to show your prospects that you share their values.

Is it really that simple? Of course not. But we’ve been doing this for a while now, and we’ve received lots of feedback from retirement planners. And what we can tell you is that this stuff works.

Examples of recycled binders and other products made for the financial industry

Don’t take us the wrong way. We have incredible respect for the hard work that goes in to building a retirement planning business. Long hours of prospecting, endless waves of rejection, setbacks, and the occasional triumph. Please don’t read this article as anything like us saying building a financial planning business is easy. We know it isn’t.

Imagine that moment when you’re meeting with a prospective client. You’ve done all the front end work. They are a qualified prospect. You’ve talked about your background and experience. You’ve made the decision to invest your time in putting together a plan or presentation for them.

What are you going to use to package that presentation? You can put it in a traditional, “executive style” vinyl binder, with all of the cultural and historical implications that delivers. Or you can put it in one of our recycled EarthBinders, and send the subtle but unmistakable message to your prospects that you share their values.

The ultimate goal at that meeting is to get them to commit to your plan. To commit to you! Our 100% recycled chipboard EarthBinders might just give you that subtle extra nudge to put them over the top.

Avoid “Greenwashing”

Greenwashing” is the term used when a company that really doesn’t believe in what you might call Earth-friendly values pretends that it does. Consumers are wired in to that. They can sense it a mile away. So, if you’re about to recommend a portfolio loaded up with oil industry stocks, and drive up to their house in your Ram 2500 (with Cummins Diesel engine, of course), this strategy may not be right for you.

Specific Products for Marketing Retirement Planning To Younger People

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If you’re marketing retirement planning to younger clients, we’re here to help. Our recycled binders and index tabs will give you the edge you need to close that business!

And we’re there to help you every step of the way, including free design and layout service. We take the “bind” out of buying binders! Plus, we’re nice! Call us today at 888 338 0924 and find out for yourself!