Straight Arrow News Comes to Omaha

Banner image for straight arrow news article showing the A.K. Riley building in Downtown Omaha

In an exciting local development, the Omaha World Herald is reporting that Joe Ricketts is launching Straight Arrow News. “Billionaire businessman and philanthropist Joe Ricketts is preparing another venture into the news business, and he’s chosen Omaha as his launching pad.”

The article goes on to describe Ricketts’ view on today’s news coverage. He believes it is too partisan, and it is his opinion that there is a market for objective, “straight arrow” news.

At SpeedBinder, we’re happy to leave the news business to others. But we are in full agreement with Rickett’s opinion of Omaha!

Modern technology, Ricketts said, allows such an operation to be based anywhere there’s talent. And, he said, “there’s no place with more talented people than Omaha.”

Omaha World Herald

Yes, we love it here in Omaha!

We would love to see Straight Arrow News succeed. Not only because we wish Ricketts well, but because we see this venture as being good for Omaha.

And while the news business isn’t my area, it does seem that bringing a Midwestern voice is a good thing. We’re nice here in Omaha! Maybe a little more “Omaha” and a little less “New York” in the news is just what we need!

Straight Arrow News Jobs

Straight Arrow News is hiring! They currently have four jobs listed on I’m confident that they will find amazing people to build their team here in Omaha. This looks to be a great opportunity for people to get involved on the ground floor of a great new business. If you or someone you know is interested, I encourage you to get in touch with Straight Arrow News. This could be a very big thing!

A Personal Note

Growing up, we lived in the same neighborhood as the Ricketts. When my family moved to Omaha, we lived in Sunset Hills, as did the Ricketts. Pete (now Nebraska’s Governor) and Tom (now Chairman of the Chicago Cubs) went to Sunset Hills school with my brothers and I.

It was a great neighborhood! My first job was delivering newspapers for the Omaha World-Herald, and the Ricketts were one of my customers. I have fond memories of stopping at the Ricketts house on my monthly collecting rounds. Mrs. Ricketts (Marlene) was always so friendly and nice! Having pleasant customers like her made that chore a lot more enjoyable.

It is with boundless personal affection for the Ricketts family, and the pride of an Omaha business owner, that I wish Joe Ricketts all the best with his new business.