How To Select The Right Presentation Binder

Banner Image for Custom Presentation Binder Page

You’ve worked hard to prepare that killer proposal or RFP Response for that important client. Now what? What can you do to ensure that your proposal gets put on the top of the stack, and gets the attention it deserves? The answer is to select the right presentation binder!

Custom Or Standard Presentation Binders?

The first consideration is whether you want to go with a presentation binder customized to this particular proposal, or if you want to go with a single presentation binder solution for your business.

Custom Presentation Binders

Our highest level of customization is to create presentation binders customized to a specific business proposal. You will spend more per binder that way, but you will get an amazing looking solution that will seriously impress your clients!

With presentation binders like this, you can target the design and graphics to the specific client you are working with. Great design and great photography will give your proposal the opportunity to stand out. And if you need individually numbered presentation binders (eg, “Copy 2 of 12”, etc), SpeedBinder can help you with that as well!

Custom Presentation Binder - Popeyes Restaurant
Custom Turned Edge Presentation Binder For Popeyes Restaurant RFP Response
Custom proposal binder with individual binder numbering
Custom Presentation Binder with Individual Numbering

For a total “knock it out of the park” look, ask about custom binder slipcases for your proposal. Your client will know you mean business when you present your proposal in one of these!

Custom turned Edge Presentation Binder with matching custom binder slipcase
Custom Presentation Binder with Matching Custom Slipcase

Make no mistake, custom presentation binders like these are not a budget product. The clients we have that buy them are typically bidding on very large projects with enormous profit potential. These are projects that justify the investment in premium information packaging solutions. SpeedBinder wants to be your partner is helping get those high-visibility proposals into the “Win Column”!

Standard Presentation Binders

We also have options for customers who want the professionalism and impact of our custom presentation binders, but don’t want to make the investment for custom printing them for each contract. Don’t let the word “standard” fool you: These are still premium, custom printed binders. The difference is you buy them in bulk for your company, then use them over time as you submit proposals.

Snowball Lighting Custom Turned Edge Presentation Binder
Snowball Lighting Custom Presentation Binder

We advise our clients to estimate how many proposals they submit each year, and also estimate how many copies they submit of each proposal. In that way, they can estimate their annual usage. That works out to good measure of how many presentation binders they should order.

Presentation Binder Types

The examples shown so far are all Full Color Turned Edge Binders. Those are the most popular option for our presentation binder clients. They offer full color printing, as well as the ability to have different text on each binder (back to the “Copy 2 of 12” feature).

Our EarthBinder product is also popular for presentation binder projects. This 100% recycled chipboard binder is favored with architects and other professionals working in business areas where environmental sensitivity is a high concern.

Our Full Color EarthBinder product combines the 100% recycled chipboard of the standard EarthBinder, with the color and printing options (we can do different text on each binder) of our Turned Edge binders.

Other Presentation Binder Considerations

  • Presentation binder projects are generally time sensitive. It is imperative that you call our sales office and discuss your requirements and timelines. We don’t want to let you down!
  • Any of our custom binder products are suitable for presentation binder applications. We’ve highlighted the Turned Edge and EarthBinder products because they are generally the most popular, but we have clients who use other binder styles as well.
  • Be sure to ask your Customer Service Representative about matching custom index tabs for your presentation binder project. They are the finishing touch that will really make your project stand out.
  • SpeedBinder can also print the full contents of your presentation binders (the printed pages), and deliver them to you in complete sets. Ask your Customer Service Representative for details.