Where Do I Get PerforMore Binders?

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PerforMore is a brand name of US Ring Company, an importer and manufacturer of ring mechanisms. You can tell if your binder was made using PerforMore rings by the name stamped on the base of the ring metals:

We occasionally see people searching for “PerforMore Binders”. Usually, that means they have a custom binder they are looking to duplicate. The presence of the PerforMore stamp on your binder means that whoever made that binder used US Ring brand ring metals during the manufacturing process. PerforMore is the brand name of the ring mechanism, not the binder.

Does SpeedBinder Use PerforMore?

Yes, and we use other brands as well. Whichever ring mechanism you end up receiving, you can be confident that it will meet the requirements of your binder project.

If you are with a corporate purchasing department and need to specify PerforMore ring metals, please call our sales office at 888-338-0924. We will make sure we get you the exact product you require. The same goes with any other brand of ring metals. Whatever you need, we can generally get for you.

Does This Really Matter?

Not particularly. We’ve made millions of custom binders over the decades. In ordinary use, ring mechanism failure is almost never a problem. US Ring brand PerforMore ring mechanisms are very good, but so are all the other brands and styles of ring metals we use.