Client Profile – Dyer Law

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At SpeedBinder, we’re proud to have done business with Dyer Law for over 15 years. They are one of our oldest and most valued clients.

The Early Years

Mike Dyer started his career as a police officer in New York City. After taking an early retirement from NYPD due to an on the job injury, Mike relocated to Omaha and graduated from Creighton University Law School.

Over the years, I’vehad the pleasure of watching Dyer Law grow and thrive. In the early years, Mike operated as a solo practitioner out of a small office. I have fond memories of helping Mike during those days, organizing files on his PC, setting up shelves of law books, and generally wondering when the clients would start showing up. Today, Dyer Law has offices in Omaha and Lincoln, and serves clients throughout Nebraska.

Mike’s success with Dyer Law is a direct result of the genuine caring and empathy that he brings to his work. Having suffered a career-ending workplace injury himself, he understands how devastating such events are in peoples’ lives, and brings that perspective to every case.

Dyer Law Website Homepage

Mike works actively with a group called POPPA – Police Officers Providing Peer Assistance. POPPA is an organization dedicated to helping police officers who suffer from PTSD due to job related stress.

We are accustomed to reading about PTSD in members of the military, but many of the same factors apply to law enforcement, and often go ignored. Mike works with POPPA to bring attention to this important issue, and serves officers suffering any form of on the job disability through his website.

Where SpeedBinder Comes In

SpeedBinder has been helping Dyer Law with a wide variety of products and services over the last 15 years. These include:

  • Newsletters (design/print/mail)
  • Weekly mailings (design/print/mail)
  • Pocket Folders
  • Letterhead and business cards
  • Periodic postcards (design/print/mail)

Personal Experience

We called Dyer Law when my daughters were in a serious automobile accident. Mike and his team handled the case with care, empathy and professionalism.

After a good friend was injured in an accident, I recommended that she call Dyer Law. Again, Mike and his team handled the case, took care of all the paperwork, and were instrumental in helping her get on the road to recovery.

I highly encourage anyone in Nebraska who needs a personal injury attorney to call Mike Dyer.